David Phelps

David Phelps

David Phelps began his tattoo journey with his first tattoo done by Gene Menges at Adrenaline. That experience cemented his courtship into the tattoo world while he was attending school and lurking in the shadows at the old shop. He began tattooing in the summer of ‘09 at G.S.T and soon began working with some great artists that he feels he owes everything to in this short time. He picked up his skill set with an open mind and a closed mouth. He is a firm believer that a tattooist should be flexible and willing to view the tattoo from the client’s perspective, but be firm in designing a good tattoo. His tattoos tend to be bold, saturated, illustrative and very bright. He enjoyes most styles in the challenges they present. He will always strive to push his tattoos to another level to grow as an artist. He feels that the best part of his job is the people, hands down. It’s an intimidating and humbling experience to change a person’s skin, and David Phelps is grateful he has the best job on the planet.

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