Bill Gaspari

Bill Gaspari

Adrenaline’s senior tattooer, Bill Gaspari is known to have one of the largest clientele of any artist. With a perfectionist attitude he demands nothing but the best out of his work. He approaches his tattooing with the belief that a good artist is capable of doing it all.

Growing up in Toronto’s suburb of Peterborough, Ontario, Bill has shown a creative side from a young age. He spent much time painting, drawing and wood working. It was not until later in life, after a career as an underwater welder, though, when a broken ankle brought him to a career in the arts.

His work hard attitude has helped him build up a substantial portfolio which has gained him much respect among his peers.

Bill is now one of the busiest artists, with his ability to emulate any art form and exceed client expectations. Big or small, Bill puts his best effort into every tattoo he crafts.

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