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At Adrenaline, all of our piercings are done on a walk in basis, so you can come in whenever you would like. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will run you through all jewellery options available for the specific piercing that you are interested in. For most piercings, we offer the choice of 316 LVM surgical stainless steel, 14k gold and titanium jewellery. However, before you choose your jewellery, make sure that you bring in your valid, government issued photo ID as you need to be a minimum of 16 years old to receive a piercing at Adrenaline. Some more extreme piercing require you to be 18 years old. At a minimum of 14 years old, with parental consent and valid government issued photo ID on both parts, certain piercings are permitted.

After ID has been checked and jewellery has been chosen, you will meet one of Adrenaline’s qualified piercers. Upon entering the piercing room, you will notice that all surfaces that are anticipated to become contaminated are covered with barriers such as dry back dental bibs and all instruments, needles and jewellery are contained in their own sterile packing. All instruments or medical supplies that will be used during your piercing will be opened and discarded in front of you to ensure their individual use. Also, you will see such precautions as hand free foot pumps for our antimicrobial scrubs and rinses, as well as sharps containers to assure that contamination is avoided. The piercers at Adrenaline have been trained by Health Educators Inc. in sterile set-up, procedure and teardown of piercing so you can be confident that you are in good hands.

After completing the piercing, the piercer will inform you of precautions to take as well as healing times and aftercare routines for your piercing. Check-ups for your piercing are free and encouraged. See you soon!

Piercing related services

Check up
After receiving a piercing at Adrenaline, we encourage you to return to the shop after a few weeks for a free check up on your piercing. At this time, the piercer on staff will be able to asses how your piercing is healing and suggest modifications to your aftercare routine if needed. Check ups are always free and you can come in as many times as necessary.

If you are required to remove the piercing that you received at Adrenaline for any reason, you can have one of our piercers take the jewellery out for you free of charge. Keep in mind that we have a large selection of retainers if you need to hide the piercing for work or school reasons.

After successfully healing the piercing that you received at adrenaline, you can come in to purchase alternate jewellery for the piercing, and our piercer on staff will insert it for you free of charge. At this time, the piercer can instruct you on how to safely change the jewellery yourself and ensure that the piercing is, in fact, healed enough to change.

Another service that we offer free of charge with the purchase of jewellery is stretching. Come in to talk to one of the floor staff to find out what your jewellery options are, and have the piercer stretch and insert the jewellery for you. We recommend waiting at least two months between stretchings. Adrenaline has a stretching program in which you will receive discounts on larger gauge jewellery after each stretch!

Sterilizing customer jewellery
If you already own jewellery that is the appropriate size and material for initial piercing, we will sterilize your own jewellery to pierce you at a discounted price. The jewellery that you have must first be inspected by a piercer and you will be required to leave the jewellery in the shop for at least two hours prior to your piercing so we have sufficient time to sterilize it for you. The fee for sterilizing jewellery is only ten dollars so bring in that piece of jewellery that you have been meaning to get repierced with!

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