Adrenaline Vancity is home to Vancouver’s most expierienced and professional body piercers. We pride ourselves in maintaining and holding a professional standard that meets and far exeeds both provincial and federal sterilization requirements. We guarantee that all instruments or medical supplies that will be used during your piercing will be opened and discarded in front of you to ensure their individual use.

Adrenaline Vancity drives to make all clients as comfortable as possible, whether it be your first piercing or tenth. Upon walking into the store you will be greeted by one of our friendly knowledgeable staff and shown your jewelry options for your body piercing. All of our piercings are done with 316 LVM surgical stainless steel, 14k gold or titanium.

Adrenaline prides itself in its family atmosphere. Many of our piercers have worked in the shop for years and have rose through the ranks with hardwork and dedication to earn an apprentinceship from one of our senior body piercers. Feel comfort in the fact that any body piercer working with you is qualified, trained and proud of what they do.

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