Tattoos In The Sun

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Tattoos In The Sun

Summer is here! With the arrival of the sun and heat comes the shorts, tanks, swim suits and days in the sun. With the sudden decrease in layers comes the desire to show off art on your skin. We totally encourage this but we want you all to be smart when it comes to your tattoos in the summer so that they truly last long and heal right.

Our first reccomendation is simple: don’t expose a new tattoo to the sun. We know you want to go to the beach and show off your fresh work, but trust us, don’t. At least for the first 3 weeks (at least), and when that’s done, still try to avoid direct exposure.

After the first few weeks, remember to use sunscreen if you are going to expose it to the sun (again, we reccomend simply not exposing it).

Avoid swimming with a healed tattoo. This is for several reasons. One being, soaking a tattoo can cause scabs to fall off, losing vital ink detail in the skin. These scabs and dry flakes need to heal on their own and will fall off over time. Also, bacteria in the water can lead to irritations or even infections.

Do not moisturize a tattoo for at least 4-5 hours after soaking it. This will trap moisture in the skin and cause those scabs to fall off, again losing valuable detail.

And a final tip, maybe you and your friends just spent a lovely day on the beach, some patio alcholic beverages and want to finish it off with getting tattoos together. This is totally fine (as long as you’re not drunk) but please remember to drink lots of water and have some food in your stomach. We can’t stress enough how important this is and that we truly have seen people faint – from tiny 100 pound girls to big beefy guys, stay hydrated friends!

These are just some general tips, your tattoo artist should give you a full personalized healing guide when you get tattooed!

Happy tattooing and enjoy that sun!

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Tattoos In The Sun

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