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Posted by Asher Jones

Booking A Tattoo

Booking a tattoo at Adrenaline Vancity can be a really easy and exciting process. We have a lot of talented artists across our two locations that can accommodate your every need. Despite being a very busy shop, we can often take walk-ins, depending on the day’s schedule. However, we always recommend booking an appointment so your spot is secured.

For a walk-in, you’ll generally need to have the tattoo design ready to go, or have it easy to find (like easy to Google, chosen off our flash wall, or easy to type up). So come prepared for a walk-in if that’s what you’re hoping to do. Unfortunately big pieces that need modifying are harder to do as a walk-in, unless we have huge appointments available.

Sailor Jerry Flash

For simple pieces, or, if you have the design ready, this can most likely be booked straight in without requiring a consultation. We do need to see the image first however. This is critical to the tattoo booking process. The reason we need the final image, even for script bookings, is so our artists can check that the design will work as a tattoo, and also to allocate the right amount of time to complete the tattoo. The tattoo may be quick, but we must make sure we allocate enough time to follow our strict hygiene protocol (this includes set-up and tear-down).

My Fonts Sheet

When looking to book your tattoo, let us know the exact placement on the body as well, as this can affect the length of the booking and the difficulty of the tattoo. For example, a tattoo on the arm is a lot faster and easier than a tattoo on the ribs.

We always recommend coming into the store to make a booking so our helpful staff can assist you throughout the process. If you live in the wider Vancouver area, come in and see us; we’re super-easy to get to.

Dave And Mike

We do have a lot of international and out-of-town visitors who would like a tattoo, however. In this instance we may be able to book via email. We’ll need the exact image, the body placement and the sizing to do this. For anything custom, even if you’re from out of town, you’ll unfortunately need a face-to-face consultation, as information can get lost in translation and our artists will need to take a tracing of your body part before preparing their drawing.

If you need an artist to design your tattoo, or if it’s a large or challenging piece, a consultation will be required. Consults are free and are generally a 15 to 30 minute allocation of time to discuss your tattoo ideas with an artist. It’s important to select an artist whose style matches your idea. For example, you wouldn’t pick a traditional artist to do a black and grey realism piece. So check our artist portfolios thoroughly to make sure you’re picking an artist whose style matches your idea closest; all portfolios are in-store and on our website and Facebook page. Bring high quality reference images, preferably printed rather than on a small phone screen, and provide our artists with as much information as possible, while trusting their artistic input and abilities.

Custom Drawing

Once you’ve had a consultation with an artist, you’ll need to give them some time to put the piece together. This could take a number of days or weeks depending on what’s being designed, but the wait will be worth it. Remember, our artists have a large number of clients to draw for and these drawings are done on their days off, so we’ll try and get you booked as soon as possible after your consultation.

Custom Tattoos

For all appointments, whether custom or not, we require a deposit. This can range between $40 to $300 depending on the length of the booking our artists request. The deposit secures your appointment and will go towards the final cost of the tattoo. Custom pieces normally require larger deposits and are non-refundable; the deposit goes to their drawing time in creating the tattoo, but will also be deducted from the cost of the final tattoo session. We cannot hold an appointment without a deposit, but we do accept cash, debit or credit to make it easier.

To reschedule an appointment, or to cancel, we’ll need 48 hours notice. If it’s within the 48 hours, you will lose your deposit, so give us plenty of notice.

You will need government issued photo identification to get tattooed at Adrenaline. The age requirement is 18, although some artists will tattoo you at 17 years of age at their discretion, with parental consent and a parent present, with matching photo identification.

Government Issued ID

Be well rested and have a large, healthy meal prior to your tattoo appointment so your body has plenty of energy for the experience. Tattoos hurt in various degrees, so the better you look after yourself prior to the tattoo, the more comfortable you’ll be. Wear practical clothing for the tattoo, shower beforehand, and bring a drink and snacks for longer sessions.

Our shop rate averages to $150 per hour. Some artists, however, charge based upon the piece, but we will normally get you a price quote prior to commencing your tattoo.

Booking in for a tattoo at Adrenaline Vancity, with all this information, should make for an awesome experience. Hope to see you soon.

Adrenaline Family


Tattoo Contest

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Second Annual Tattoo Contest Top 15

Alrighty guys, here are your top 15! We had some awesome submissions for this years tattoo contest and it was hard to get it down to just 15! Thank you to everyone who submitted their awesome tattoos. However, there can only be one winner, so head over to our Facebook page to cast your vote on who deserves this years title of number one!


Posted by Asher Jones

Second Annual Tattoo Contest

We here at Adrenaline our pleased to annouce the Second Annual Tattoo Contest!

Last year saw a range of awesome submissions all done by our talented Adrenaline Artists on some of the best clients in the industry, you guys!

Submitting is easy, simply like our Facebook page and click the contest icon on the main panel and register to submit your image.

Contest and voting commences on October 24th so get your photos in!

Any entry will be rewarded with a $20 in store coupon, 1st place will win a $500 gift card, 2nd a $200 and 3rd a $100.

There will also be a random draw of 12 $25 gift cards so make sure to sumbit your tattoo!

Last years top three:


Custom jackalope piece by tattoo artist Dejan Furlan at Adrenaline Vancity Tattoos and Piercings

Posted by Erynn Lawrence

So you want to get a custom tattoo…

Just thought that I would write a few tips for all of you that are planning on having a custom tattoo design drawn up for you.

First, and most important, be sure to check out the artist portfolios to be sure that the artist that you have chosen has a drawing style that matches the style you are wanting. For example, you wouldn’t want to consult for a realistic portrait style tattoo with an artist that draws in a traditional tattoo style. If you are wanting to check out our artist’s portfolios they are all available to view on this website!!
Second, be sure that you do some homework and find some reference that can be used as a starting point for the artists. Sometimes trying to explain an image that you are wanting can be tricky to convey, whereas if you have examples, the artist can get a clear picture of what you are wanting to achieve. Please, try to find good quality reference rather than bringing in a tiny picture on your phone!!!
Third, please be aware that the artists do these drawings on their time off, and often they have a long line of drawings to complete before starting yours. Be patient, it may take weeks to a month before they have a drawing ready to show you. I promise it will be worth the wait!

Many clients want to know a ballpark price for their custom piece when they come in for the consultation but this is a very tricky question to answer before the drawing is complete. We charge $150 dollars per hour of tattooing so the cost really depends on final size and detail. If you have a strict budget let the artist know before starting the drawing so they can try to work within that amount. Larger pieces are always done in multiple sessions, so be prepared to book more than one appointment with adequate healing time left in between sittings (usually two weeks minimum).
While tattoo consultations are free at Adrenaline, we do require you to leave a drawing deposit before the artist begins your drawing to ensure that you will return to have the tattoo done. The deposit will come off the cost of the final sitting of your custom tattoo.
Hope this helps you all out a bit! If you have further questions, call the shop at 604 669 6800 or 604 734 8282.

Rose Water color Tattoo by Adrenaline Vancity Tattoo Artist Steve Dunford

Posted by Erynn Lawrence

Water Color Style Tattoos

Lately we have been seeing alot of requests for these Tattoos. Steve Dunford , our Vancouver shop artist, has been killing them lately.

I am a big fan of the look of these tattoos, they are definitely something different.

Check out some of the ones Steve has been doing and come down to the shop and book a consult to get your own!


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Ostrich Guy

Perhapes you’ve seen one of the new trending internet sensations. Recentley, our piercer Michael went to Africa and got to ride an ostrich, and from this picture, enjoyed it as much as a child loves bubbles. Most of us would be happy if anything could excite us half as much as this. A little while later this photo made it onto the front page of reddit, and the rest is Internet history.


cp4y7ZNaLJwdCx Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 5.50.31 PM Wo8get6

Piercer Mike Bilinksy pierces our other piercer Cory Einhorn.

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Best Job In The World

Ever since I became a piercer at Adrenaline I’ve never woken up not wanting to go to work! With all the cheesiness aside, how could I? When my job is to be my self, hang out and laugh with people all day it can’t get any better. Whether it’s someones first piercing or 50th nothing makes me happier then seeing their face light up with excitement after they take a look in the mirror at their new piercing. Things stay pretty interesting because I never know what’s going to walk though the door. Whether it’s a bunch of noses and belly buttons or microdermal’s and surface piercings, no two days are the same. The other amazing thing is I will never stop learning; every day is a new experience, every ear is a little different, and people are always coming in asking for new things. At the end of the day I go home happy and looking forward to what the next day will bring, and that’s why I have the best job in the world. – Mike Bilinksy


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$#!^ Dale Says

Some Classic Dale Moments:


After being asked whether his shoes were comfortable.

“I wouldn’t wear them to work…. But I did.”

A girl is teasing her friend about her being a bad influence on her, and Dale attempts to join in on the fun.

“So she’s like the friend where when you have a sleepover, your dad makes sure you keep the door open…oh! Not like that!”

After checking the price of a new hoodie.

“Damn, I hope that comes with utilities.”

After an attractive customer leaves the store.

Dale “So what’s a 411 on _____?”

Michelle “Well, she’s half Japanese…”

Dale “Duh!”

Michelle “Trust an asian to recognize another asian”

Craig “Michelle, Dale’s not asian, he’s Philipino”

Dale “Yeah, I’m practically Mexican!”


Dale “I’m into exotic things… Ferrari’s, Porches, Macedonians, Falafels.”


Michelle 2 gets back from the washroom.

Dale “You must be a terrorist!”

Michelle 2 “Why?!”

Dale “Because you’re dropping bombs!”


Holding the new USB sticks.

“Hey Justine, want to plug me in? Don’t worry it’s fast. 2.0”


Dale was holding the woman’s “LA” tank top.

Craig “Are you trying that on Dale?”

Dale “It’s for my Halloween costume, I’m going as Kat Von D.”


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My Take On “Tattoo Reality TV Shows”

It seems like I can’t turn on the TV anymore without seeing some form of new tattoo “reality” show.  While I do appreciate the antics and comedy that these shows provide I do have a few issues with the reality factor on these shows.

For example, I promise you that the full sleeves and backpieces that you see finished on these shows are not drawn up in 15 minutes time and tattooed in a single session.  I’m sure that the artist was actually consulted with well in advance and had the image completed and ready well ahead of the actual tattoo appointment.  To tattoo a large piece takes time and is most often broken down into multiple sessions.  Many artists like to take the time to properly prepare the image for the client and have them view the drawing before the appointment is even booked.

While a tattoo can be a great way to remind yourself of some significant life event, not every tattoo has to have a deeper meaning that will move you to tears to talk about.  Some people are just art collectors and get tattoos in the style that they find appealing, while others just want to get something to make them smile.  I personally am covered in silly little tattoos with no particular significance other than the idea struck me as funny or cute!

Tattooing is an artform that not every person can master.  It takes time and dedication to learn, and until recently was one of the last trades that had to be learned in the form of an apprenticeship.  There was no schools, or programs to take.  You had to earn your place through years of free work to earn your place in the industry.  Shows like “Tattoo School” are cheapening what used to be an industry of pride and hard work.

Try to remember that a tattoo is one of the few things in life that will last forever.  Be patient and pick the right artist for you!  Waiting an extra week to get the perfect tattoo will be well worth it! And just because the artist you are speaking to doesn’t have face stars doesn’t mean they are not qualified to tattoo you!

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