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Steve Tattoos Sestito

Adrenaline Vancity was visited by one of our local Canucks, Tom Sestito. The Canucks player was being tattooed by our very own Steve Dunford! Steve banged out a St Michael tattoo on Tom’s inner bicep. The shop was definitely stoked to host a Canuck.

Getting our learn on!

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Getting Our Learn On

On Tuesday February 25, Adrenaline Vancity closed it’s door so we could take the Bloodborne Pathogens and Principles of Infection Control course by none other than David Vidra!

Education like this is crucial for us being able to provide you superior service in a safe and secure environment surrounded by knowledgable staff. From all of us here at Adrenaline, we appreciate everyone who walks through our doors and want you to know that we work to both meet and exceed any health regulations to guarentee you a safe and enjoyable experience every time!

Sailor Jerry

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Sailor Jerry Day — Success!

Thank you to everyone who came out for our first Sailor Jerry Day!

In celebration of Sailor Jerry’s birthday, we had several flash sheets available with designs ranging from $45-95 and 10 artists working all day. This was our first time doing it and honestly, we had no idea what to expect! Needless to say, we were surprised when we came to open the shop to see 30 people lined up already outside! Pretty soon we had the whole day booked up.

In total between all our artists we did over 70 tattoos which is absolutely rad! You guys are all awesome.

Afterwards we all headed over to the Factory for the afterparty and things got a little wild! Tons of shots, good people, smiling faces and even some sexy burlesque dancers.

All in all, it was a huge success and we thank everyone who took part in celebrating Sailor Jerry’s birthday!

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Sailor Jerry

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Sailor Jerry Flash Day

Old School Designs at Old School Prices!

On January 14 we will be doing a Sailor Jerry Flash Day!

Come on in on the 14th and we will have several flash sheets ready to go with designs ranging form $45-$95! All tattoos will be a first come first serve walk in basis so get down here early to get in line! Please note that all designs must be on ARMS or LEGS, no rib bangers today sorry folks!

Make sure to remember to bring valid government issued photo ID, have a good meal beforehand and try not to be hungover!




Sailor Jerry Flash


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Friday The 13th

On Friday the 13th our tattoo artist Kyle Hoffarth will be doing a special Friday The 13th Flash!

All these rad traditional tattoos will be going for a minimum $80 and will be on a first come, first serve basis!

One day special starting at 11:00 am, be there!



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Christmas Party


Adrenaline Vancity Black Friday

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Black Friday

Come on down this weekend and get 20% off ALL PIERCINGS for our Black Friday sale!!!

Sale runs from November 29 – December 21


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Adrenaline Ladies

Check out this in-depth cinematic portrayal of Adrenaline Vancity tattoo artists Elvia Guadian, Marcella Rangel, Betty B, Alexis Thomson, Katie Shocrylas, Ashley Castaner and Jen Rose. Some insight into their inspiration, clients, and roles as artists at Adrenaline.


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Second Annual Tattoo Contest Winners!

So we have come to the end of the Second Annual Adrenaline Vancity Tattoo contest!

We started with a two week submission period, during which we had 125 submissions in total. After the submission period our managerial staff narrowed down the contestents to the top fifteen. Narrowing down the submissions to the 15 finalists was a near impossible job. We had some fantastic submissions that didn’t make the final 15.

After the final 15 were decided we put it in our Facebook fans hands. The voting period for the finalists lasted two weeks as well and ended on November 6th, 2013. Now we come to the point where we announce the winners.

Our First place winner is a tattoo performed By Elvia Guadian on Nerissa. This submission received 196 votes in total. The title of Submission is Romeo and it is a tattoo of her 4 year Pomeranian. The first place winner will receive a $500.00 gift card to Adrenaline Vancity.


Our second place winner is titled What couldn’t kill me, made me stronger! And was performed on Shane by Logan Howard. The art on this tattoo is fantastic, the story behind getting it done is just as good. Here is why he got this tattoo in his own words.

“Just over ten years ago I experienced an event that changed my life forever when an industrial accident almost took it all away from me. A momentary lapse of judgement on my part and series of unforgettable events left me fighting for my life, and never to be the same. It is not a day to regret or to mourn for what I will never be or never have. But, it is a day to celebrate the life I do have and the man I have become. I chose to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of this momentous day with a new tattoo that will forever stand as a constant reminder of just how short and fragile life can be. Live every moment of it, and cherish it while it lasts. The skull is that of a lion, a symbol of the strength and courage that it took for me to fight back and overcome. The watch shows that even when we’re battered and broken, we still run on. January 15, 2003 at approximately 1:15 in the afternoon , was the moment that time stopped for me. A brief instance where one life ended and another began. What couldn’t kill me, made me stronger!”

What Could'nt Kill Me, Made Me Stronger

Our 3rd place winner is Brett with his Koi fish tattoo performed by Logan Howard.


The thing I noticed upon reviewing voting is that the contestants that shared the most on different social networks were able to garner the most votes. I want to congratulate all the contestants, finalists and of course the winners on another successful contest.

I appreciate all of you and want to tell you that without you Adrenaline wouldn’t exist.

Thank you,


Custom Drawing

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Booking A Tattoo

Booking a tattoo at Adrenaline Vancity can be a really easy and exciting process. We have a lot of talented artists across our two locations that can accommodate your every need. Despite being a very busy shop, we can often take walk-ins, depending on the day’s schedule. However, we always recommend booking an appointment so your spot is secured.

For a walk-in, you’ll generally need to have the tattoo design ready to go, or have it easy to find (like easy to Google, chosen off our flash wall, or easy to type up). So come prepared for a walk-in if that’s what you’re hoping to do. Unfortunately big pieces that need modifying are harder to do as a walk-in, unless we have huge appointments available.

Sailor Jerry Flash

For simple pieces, or, if you have the design ready, this can most likely be booked straight in without requiring a consultation. We do need to see the image first however. This is critical to the tattoo booking process. The reason we need the final image, even for script bookings, is so our artists can check that the design will work as a tattoo, and also to allocate the right amount of time to complete the tattoo. The tattoo may be quick, but we must make sure we allocate enough time to follow our strict hygiene protocol (this includes set-up and tear-down).

My Fonts Sheet

When looking to book your tattoo, let us know the exact placement on the body as well, as this can affect the length of the booking and the difficulty of the tattoo. For example, a tattoo on the arm is a lot faster and easier than a tattoo on the ribs.

We always recommend coming into the store to make a booking so our helpful staff can assist you throughout the process. If you live in the wider Vancouver area, come in and see us; we’re super-easy to get to.

Dave And Mike

We do have a lot of international and out-of-town visitors who would like a tattoo, however. In this instance we may be able to book via email. We’ll need the exact image, the body placement and the sizing to do this. For anything custom, even if you’re from out of town, you’ll unfortunately need a face-to-face consultation, as information can get lost in translation and our artists will need to take a tracing of your body part before preparing their drawing.

If you need an artist to design your tattoo, or if it’s a large or challenging piece, a consultation will be required. Consults are free and are generally a 15 to 30 minute allocation of time to discuss your tattoo ideas with an artist. It’s important to select an artist whose style matches your idea. For example, you wouldn’t pick a traditional artist to do a black and grey realism piece. So check our artist portfolios thoroughly to make sure you’re picking an artist whose style matches your idea closest; all portfolios are in-store and on our website and Facebook page. Bring high quality reference images, preferably printed rather than on a small phone screen, and provide our artists with as much information as possible, while trusting their artistic input and abilities.

Custom Drawing

Once you’ve had a consultation with an artist, you’ll need to give them some time to put the piece together. This could take a number of days or weeks depending on what’s being designed, but the wait will be worth it. Remember, our artists have a large number of clients to draw for and these drawings are done on their days off, so we’ll try and get you booked as soon as possible after your consultation.

Custom Tattoos

For all appointments, whether custom or not, we require a deposit. This can range between $40 to $300 depending on the length of the booking our artists request. The deposit secures your appointment and will go towards the final cost of the tattoo. Custom pieces normally require larger deposits and are non-refundable; the deposit goes to their drawing time in creating the tattoo, but will also be deducted from the cost of the final tattoo session. We cannot hold an appointment without a deposit, but we do accept cash, debit or credit to make it easier.

To reschedule an appointment, or to cancel, we’ll need 48 hours notice. If it’s within the 48 hours, you will lose your deposit, so give us plenty of notice.

You will need government issued photo identification to get tattooed at Adrenaline. The age requirement is 18, although some artists will tattoo you at 17 years of age at their discretion, with parental consent and a parent present, with matching photo identification.

Government Issued ID

Be well rested and have a large, healthy meal prior to your tattoo appointment so your body has plenty of energy for the experience. Tattoos hurt in various degrees, so the better you look after yourself prior to the tattoo, the more comfortable you’ll be. Wear practical clothing for the tattoo, shower beforehand, and bring a drink and snacks for longer sessions.

Our shop rate averages to $150 per hour. Some artists, however, charge based upon the piece, but we will normally get you a price quote prior to commencing your tattoo.

Booking in for a tattoo at Adrenaline Vancity, with all this information, should make for an awesome experience. Hope to see you soon.

Adrenaline Family


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Black Friday

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