Tattoos In The Sun

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Tattoos In The Sun

Summer is here! With the arrival of the sun and heat comes the shorts, tanks, swim suits and days in the sun. With the sudden decrease in layers comes the desire to show off art on your skin. We totally encourage this but we want you all to be smart when it comes to your tattoos in the summer so that they truly last long and heal right.

Our first reccomendation is simple: don’t expose a new tattoo to the sun. We know you want to go to the beach and show off your fresh work, but trust us, don’t. At least for the first 3 weeks (at least), and when that’s done, still try to avoid direct exposure.

After the first few weeks, remember to use sunscreen if you are going to expose it to the sun (again, we reccomend simply not exposing it).

Avoid swimming with a healed tattoo. This is for several reasons. One being, soaking a tattoo can cause scabs to fall off, losing vital ink detail in the skin. These scabs and dry flakes need to heal on their own and will fall off over time. Also, bacteria in the water can lead to irritations or even infections.

Do not moisturize a tattoo for at least 4-5 hours after soaking it. This will trap moisture in the skin and cause those scabs to fall off, again losing valuable detail.

And a final tip, maybe you and your friends just spent a lovely day on the beach, some patio alcholic beverages and want to finish it off with getting tattoos together. This is totally fine (as long as you’re not drunk) but please remember to drink lots of water and have some food in your stomach. We can’t stress enough how important this is and that we truly have seen people faint – from tiny 100 pound girls to big beefy guys, stay hydrated friends!

These are just some general tips, your tattoo artist should give you a full personalized healing guide when you get tattooed!

Happy tattooing and enjoy that sun!

Dejan Second Place

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Second Place

The Vancouver Tattoo Convention was a few weekends ago and it was awesome. As an added bonus, our own artist Dejan Furlan won second place for large black and grey piece. Take a look at this beautiful work of art.


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Black Scale Canadian Exposure Event

This Friday May 2nd, Black Scale will be hosting it’s Canadian Exposure Event here in our very own Vancity. The event will be hosted by Black Scale founders BLVCK Alfred and Mega with DJ Ruby Red of Black Scale San Fran playing Rap and Trap Remixes. The event will be hosted at LED (Caprice nightclub 967 Granville). Doors @ 10:00pm and tickets available at




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Steve Tattoos Sestito

Adrenaline Vancity was visited by one of our local Canucks, Tom Sestito. The Canucks player was being tattooed by our very own Steve Dunford! Steve banged out a St Michael tattoo on Tom’s inner bicep. The shop was definitely stoked to host a Canuck.

Getting our learn on!

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Getting Our Learn On

On Tuesday February 25, Adrenaline Vancity closed it’s door so we could take the Bloodborne Pathogens and Principles of Infection Control course by none other than David Vidra!

Education like this is crucial for us being able to provide you superior service in a safe and secure environment surrounded by knowledgable staff. From all of us here at Adrenaline, we appreciate everyone who walks through our doors and want you to know that we work to both meet and exceed any health regulations to guarentee you a safe and enjoyable experience every time!

Sailor Jerry

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Sailor Jerry Day — Success!

Thank you to everyone who came out for our first Sailor Jerry Day!

In celebration of Sailor Jerry’s birthday, we had several flash sheets available with designs ranging from $45-95 and 10 artists working all day. This was our first time doing it and honestly, we had no idea what to expect! Needless to say, we were surprised when we came to open the shop to see 30 people lined up already outside! Pretty soon we had the whole day booked up.

In total between all our artists we did over 70 tattoos which is absolutely rad! You guys are all awesome.

Afterwards we all headed over to the Factory for the afterparty and things got a little wild! Tons of shots, good people, smiling faces and even some sexy burlesque dancers.

All in all, it was a huge success and we thank everyone who took part in celebrating Sailor Jerry’s birthday!

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 5.42.39 PM Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 5.42.56 PM

Sailor Jerry

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Sailor Jerry Flash Day

Old School Designs at Old School Prices!

On January 14 we will be doing a Sailor Jerry Flash Day!

Come on in on the 14th and we will have several flash sheets ready to go with designs ranging form $45-$95! All tattoos will be a first come first serve walk in basis so get down here early to get in line! Please note that all designs must be on ARMS or LEGS, no rib bangers today sorry folks!

Make sure to remember to bring valid government issued photo ID, have a good meal beforehand and try not to be hungover!




Sailor Jerry Flash


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Christmas Party



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Adrenaline Ladies

Check out this in-depth cinematic portrayal of Adrenaline Vancity tattoo artists Elvia Guadian, Marcella Rangel, Betty B, Alexis Thomson, Katie Shocrylas, Ashley Castaner and Jen Rose. Some insight into their inspiration, clients, and roles as artists at Adrenaline.


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Second Annual Tattoo Contest Winners!

So we have come to the end of the Second Annual Adrenaline Vancity Tattoo contest!

We started with a two week submission period, during which we had 125 submissions in total. After the submission period our managerial staff narrowed down the contestents to the top fifteen. Narrowing down the submissions to the 15 finalists was a near impossible job. We had some fantastic submissions that didn’t make the final 15.

After the final 15 were decided we put it in our Facebook fans hands. The voting period for the finalists lasted two weeks as well and ended on November 6th, 2013. Now we come to the point where we announce the winners.

Our First place winner is a tattoo performed By Elvia Guadian on Nerissa. This submission received 196 votes in total. The title of Submission is Romeo and it is a tattoo of her 4 year Pomeranian. The first place winner will receive a $500.00 gift card to Adrenaline Vancity.


Our second place winner is titled What couldn’t kill me, made me stronger! And was performed on Shane by Logan Howard. The art on this tattoo is fantastic, the story behind getting it done is just as good. Here is why he got this tattoo in his own words.

“Just over ten years ago I experienced an event that changed my life forever when an industrial accident almost took it all away from me. A momentary lapse of judgement on my part and series of unforgettable events left me fighting for my life, and never to be the same. It is not a day to regret or to mourn for what I will never be or never have. But, it is a day to celebrate the life I do have and the man I have become. I chose to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of this momentous day with a new tattoo that will forever stand as a constant reminder of just how short and fragile life can be. Live every moment of it, and cherish it while it lasts. The skull is that of a lion, a symbol of the strength and courage that it took for me to fight back and overcome. The watch shows that even when we’re battered and broken, we still run on. January 15, 2003 at approximately 1:15 in the afternoon , was the moment that time stopped for me. A brief instance where one life ended and another began. What couldn’t kill me, made me stronger!”

What Could'nt Kill Me, Made Me Stronger

Our 3rd place winner is Brett with his Koi fish tattoo performed by Logan Howard.


The thing I noticed upon reviewing voting is that the contestants that shared the most on different social networks were able to garner the most votes. I want to congratulate all the contestants, finalists and of course the winners on another successful contest.

I appreciate all of you and want to tell you that without you Adrenaline wouldn’t exist.

Thank you,


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Tattoos In The Sun

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